This project was designed for the future portable device.
With the technology progress, I believe that all different
kinds of portable electrical devices will be combined
together into one. To achieve this goal and preserve the
large screen size, the folding solution is the most
possible way to reduce the size. By folding in different
modes, it is possible to make a single device have
multi-functions. There are four screens and I designed
that two of them are touch screen. They can simulate
a keyboard in laptop mode and number keypad in phone
<h6>Pocket Mode</h6> <h6>Navigator</h6> <h6>Opening</h6> <h6>Tablet PC</h6> <h6>eBook</h6> <h6>Laptop</h6> <h6>Typing Mode</h6> <h6>Drawing Mode</h6>

Pocket Mode